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Stress is often and overlooked problem of the human condition, its been referred to as the silent killer, but do we know when we are stressed? there is more however to the term stress than just the emotional aspect.Due to our current modern day lifestyle and diet we are putting our "hardware" organs and other body systems under incredible stress, the organ directly linked and affected by stress are your adrenals, which in turn affect your whole body. So here is some information to arm you against and hopefully combat lifestyle related stress.

These are summerized notes based on a lecture by David Wolf:

Our adrenals are like a second brain This area is considered in Chinese medicine to be where your batteries are and  It’s a very important meridian, the kidney meridian. What we’re finding more and more is that people are exhausting their adrenals, exhausting their batteries prematurely because of the stressors of our present day world without the appropriate knowledge that we require in order to keep our adrenals functioning at optimum capacity.

For example, our adrenals run on water and salt, so we have a little brain down there that runs on water and salt primarily. So if we are dehydrated, need to be adrenalized, if we are not getting the appropriate type of salt into our bodies, and always taking in the kind of salt that’s used as a food preservative which is pretty much every processed food, our adrenals suffer.   Then in addition to all that, there are strategies that can be used of maybe getting more B vitamins and Vitamin C (in South Africa, Baobab fruit powder) to nourish our adrenals which we may or may not be doing.   Then beyond that, there is an entire grouping of what is called Jing herbs, again in the Chinese  medical model, so we can nourish more of our essence and begin to restore that adrenal power that we probably had when we were fifteen.  It seems to be gone by the time we’re forty.

When you look up adrenal exhaustion In the old medical text books (1870s), it’s a salt deficiency first.  This is completely different to what we’re being told.  In nature, you always have tons of potassium which is balancing out sodium but it’s hard to find sodium in nature.  That’s why when you put a salt lick out, every creature in the forest is on it, because it’s an easy way to get sodium.  Civilized beings have completely inverted that issue.   We’ve made it very difficult to get potassium which is present in every kind of fresh food, and literally oversalted ourselves with the wrong kind of salt that’s been cooked, it’s been kiln-dried and used as a food preservative – it’s not like sea salt, it’s a very coagulated salt and therefore difficult to break down and we don’t have enough potassium to balance it off.  So our natural ratio of sodium to potassium is completely flipped around.  That causes heart problems and it also causes adrenal stress.  When we flip it around, we desalt ourselves, we get more onto a raw food approach so we get enough potassium that pulls that salt out and detoxifies us.   Eventually it gets our adrenals in order, then we get to a new relationship with salt where we actually do need salt – it’s essential.   Sea Salt is the appropriate type of salt for healthy metabolism.  It varies how much we need  – some people need a little, some people need more.  David Wolfe’s experience is that if his adrenals get run down, he starts feeling symptoms of allergies.   He has found that as soon as he adds a few pinches of sea salt to his water, his adrenals are restored   to normal in as little as ten minutes.   If you drink coffee in the morning, add a pinch of sea salt.  Coffee is an adrenal stimulant – the salt immediately starts to neutralize the overstimulation, or over adrenalization, by nourishing the adrenals – and is kind of the basis for developing, eventually, more of an herbal coffee.  Also, add some Reishi, creating more of a balanced herbal coffee, rather than just ‘hitting the button’, like a drug.  In the western world we take all the delivery systems like chocolate, coffee, alcohol and sugar, which are delivery systems and ways for our body to take nutrients in.  We take those in and isolate them and abuse them as drugs.  We’re changing that behavior as we become more conscious and realize what these things really are. Coffee is an amazing delivery for Reishi mushroom for instance, but a terrible thing to abuse by itself.

All salts are not equal – sea salt has four times as much minerals as rock salt.   Himalayan salt, which is a rock salt, has a broad range of minerals, however, the amount in sea salt is four times more and it’s more of a living salt.  If you put sea salt in a clear plastic container, it will form moisture on the inside like it’s reactive, it’s living.  You’ll never see that with a rock salt.   That moisture on the inside indicates how bioavailable it is.  Generally, sea salt is actually the best type of mineral supplement and when you get the right kind of sea salt, you get four times the minerals than in rock salt and in particular, magnesium, when you use sea salt.

Our kidneys and adrenals are involved in regulating the fluid levels in our body – that’s part of what they do as that ‘second brain’.  We may be very dehydrated and not realize it.  Dr Batmangelij in his book many years ago, “Your body’s many cries for water” indicated that most of the time we’re not hungry, we’re really thirsty.  Because of the toxicity of our current environment, (nature’s solution to pollution is dilution), we generally need more water than we used to need.   Spring water is best – and first thing in the morning, as much as you can drink, before there’s any food in our stomach, before tea or coffee, is optimal – a cup, or two, or a liter if you can drink that much and get yourself flushed through.   And a pinch of salt in that water is a great idea.

The kidneys and the adrenals in the Chinese system is actually the most complex of all the systems and meridians in your body and requires the most care and the most nourishing.  We try to nourish that treasure, the Jing energy, as much as possible.   Grounding is very good for your kidney/adrenal meridian because it allows electricity to flow from the earth into your body up through your kidneys and adrenals.

We’re different than almost every other creature in the world in that we stand up and therefore we need to adrenalize to stand up.   A dog or cat doesn’t stand up.  They’re on all fours – they have a completely different type of adrenal system than we do.  Just to stand up, we have to produce 4 or 5 times the amount of adrenalin than another type of mammal, so we’re a little more subject to adrenal problems because we’re so different in that way.  If you lay down, immediately, you de-adrenalize.   And if you invert yourself and get upside down, you can rejuvenate very quickly because you turn off adrenalin completely and it’s precursors, noradrenalin for example, and allow your body time to rejuvenate and catch its breath.  That is a very important thing to understand about adrenalin, that lying down immediately shuts off your adrenal system and begins the rejuvenation process.   Lying flat on your back – especially on a grounding mat – because when you’re grounded and lying down you’re getting a pure current of negatively charged electricity coming from the earth, that just completely rejuvenates your Jing meridian, your whole kidney/adrenal meridian.  The point under the ball of our foot, Kidney 1, where we’re supposed to be drawing up the energy from the earth is blocked off by the soles of our shoes – so we’re ‘running on empty’ – not enough batteries.  In Chinese medicine, this point is called “bubbling spring” because it’s the source of free energy.  We now know from research that the wearing of rubber soled shoes has had a catastrophic effect on our health and on our adrenals.

Also, mineral deficiency in our food, that we’ve been dealing with for three generations, has led people to taking stimulants to keep going; coffee, black tea, cigarette smoking, marijuana and whatever to keep going.   That coupled with the stresses of all the demands of daily life, plus having children, plus the economic stress, is a recipe for adrenal fatigue and exhaustion.  Minerals good for adrenals:

  • Magnesium
  • Zinc (big one)
  • Sulphur (in all fresh raw food) or MSM, a great source of sulphur which helps with glandular secretion – and it’s methylated
  • We’ve been exposed to 75,000 different synthetic compounds since 1940.  The main impact of those compounds on us, is it has caused us to dump our methyl groups in order to neutralize the toxicity of those compounds.   Those methyl groups help our liver to survive the toxic load of the pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

    The impact in the way that we’re feeling, or the way that our body is maturing, is one in which we start to get estrogen dominance – and we know now that the bad estrogen is non-methylated, meaning that we’ve dumped all our methyl groups out of our liver to deal with all the toxins.  We’re not getting any from food because we’re not really getting food with methyl groups in it because we don’t eat fresh food.   Beets and Goji Berries are excellent adrenal foods and they’re excellent methyl sources.   So they’re excellent at creating a stress defence shield for you.  Beet juice works well especially when you’ve been on airplanes.  That methylation has to occur or else we start to develop bad non-methylated estrogen that builds up in our system that leads to the acne, to the PMS,  it’s part and parcel to the adrenal fatigue – it then leads to very serious menopausal symptoms, it can develop into breast cancer and it just goes on and on.  There is a strong connection between adrenal fatigue and cancer.  When we’re adrenalized, and our cortisol is elevated, we have an inflammatory almost allergic response all the way through our body which incites or ignites cancer.  It ignites viral conditions.  It’s something we have to be careful of into the future because we have more environmental stressors, therefore probably more cancer cells in our body.  You know we’ve been exposed to more carcinogens than any previous generation, so we have to be much more careful about the adrenalization of our body and the methylation process.  We aren’t getting enough methyl groups, so we need things like goji berries, beets, fresh vegetable juice, sea vegetables, greens, etc., to help us turn that bad estrogen back into good estrogen.  Inversion (whenever your hips are above your heart is considered inversion in Yoga) is very effective at de-adrenalizing our system, to get our cortisol levels down and bringing more of the Jing energy in.  The more you can elongate your spine, the less spine troubles you will have, lower back, neck trouble, thoracic trouble, as well as you’ll de-adrenalize yourself plus you’re taking gravity which is essentially a toxin, you’re converting it into a medicine – all of a sudden you’re making it work for you – instead of squishing you, it’s stretching you out.

    A lady asks what she can take to strengthen her adrenals and hypothalamus – she has negative reaction to everything, conventional medications, including natural herbs like Ginseng and Maca, and wants to take a natural approach.

    David says; This is a common issue, what this person is experiencing is a number of issues.  First of all, our adrenal system is part of our endocrine system.  And the endocrine system can be very strongly bashed by our current stresses and can be knocked completely out of whack by the build-up of the bad estrogens – that’s definitely one angle – when somebody gets that far along and they take herbs and it tweeks them like that, that’s definitely a situation where there’s a couple of things going on.  Bad estrogen has been building up and we need to clear it out.  Another issue that’s going on there is getting the right kind of nourishment in, that’s a little bit less stimulating than an herb, less intensive than an herb.  Of course I’m a big fan of B vitamins but mostly coming from friendly bacteria and cultured food is a very valuable assistant to the adrenals.  We know the adrenals concentrate B vitamins which are present in fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchee and things that are naturally fermented.  And the Vitamin C factor is also something we want to look at – I like botanical vitamin C – the adrenals concentrate vitamin C and the best forms of vitamin C are things like Acerola Cherry powder, which is a botanical vitamin C, Amla Berry powder, another one and probably the leader of all of them is Camu Berry powder which Dr Dougan, on his government website, has a botanical database on all the botanical herbs he has ever studied in his whole career.  He believes that Camu Berry is the number one thing ever to take, and I agree, especially when somebody has gone to the level where this person is, where they’re getting irritated by everything.  You can make it into like a lemonade in the morning – just mix it in with any type of citrus, whatever you have access to; pineapple, lemon, just a little bit to give a bit of acid to your water.  Mix in the vitamin C and that’s how to take it.

    Then I do want to say, that definitely, there’s a methylation problem when somebody gets that sensitive, where they’re not methylating toxins, that’s why when they take anything, their body reacts and goes, we can’t take this we’ve got to get rid of it, because the body doesn’t have any defense structure set up or methylation barrier set up to deal with just normal metabolism and that starts causing liver problems, gallbladder problems and endocrine system problems.

    I mentioned a couple of substances, definitely the best of them is Beet and Goji Berries because they have this natural methylation in it – that methylation substance is called Trimethylglycine or Betaine, named after the food, the Beet. Trimethylglycine (TMG) is amazing at gently starting to methylate your system again so your body can go, oh wait, we’re going to take this bad estrogen, like Estrodiole and methylate it, throw a methyl group onto it and turn it into Estriole, turn it into something good and that is part of an overall strategy of getting our hormones back into balance.   Of course we have to have opposing hormones to estrogen, even the good estrogen, like progesterone - women need progesterone, and even to some degree also testosterone, which are androgens.  We need to produce those out of healthy saturated fat foods and yes fat is good for you.   If you don’t have fat, you’re going to get into trouble.  We’re seeing a lot of nervous system troubles, schitzofrenia – all sorts of metabolic disorders from the low fat diet which actually makes us very sensitive to stress because we don’t have anything shielding us from the stressors of our environment.  And  fat is an insulator, it helps for us to perform the hormones.  I like coconut products – I think they are the overall healthiest raw material to help us produce healthy hormones superfoods like Maca which also helps us form those healthy hormones.  If we’re healthy enough to take it, we would move to something like the Deer Antler which is a Chinese medicine idea and also very popular in Russia and now also across America and very big in Korea.  It’s a natural way to form more testosterone and form more progesterone and it works for men and women.

    For more information: http://www.davidwolfe.com


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