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Live Blood Analysis

Is the pH of your blood incorrect? Which essential vitamins and minerals are you lacking in? Or do you have an underlying immune or digestive problem? Having a Live Blood Analysis can assist you in maintaining your health. I recently went to the Health Shop in Kenilworth Centre called To Your Health. I saw they offered live blood analysis and was intrigued, I had never heard of it before, what's great is that it is something you can physically see and so you can map the changes, being an investigator of all things health and wellness as it affects skin directly as well as aging, I booked myself in for a session and was totally amazed.

I met with Allison, a blood analyst who has a background in homeopathy and medicinal herbs, I found her very knowledgeable in body systems and nutrition, she quick and sufficient in diagnosing the problems without me saying a word.


After getting over the trepidation of having my finger pricked the process is quite relaxed. Allison takes a small amount of you blood and places it under the microscope, after having a look she shows you the slide on the lap top so you can see exactly what’s going on! It’s rather strange to see you blood that close up and personal and totally fascinating.


She pointed out that my red blood cells were all clumped together due to incorrect pH in my body and there for not filtering things properly, as well as they were see through and not red as they should be, you could notice little parasites swimming around! After the diagnosis, she gives you suggestions on what to take nutritionally and changes you can make in your lifestyle and eating habits.


Allison says "The Ph of the blood is very important, the arterial and venous blood pH should be alkaline, in the region of 7-7.5- because of pollution, stress bad eating (too much acidity) our blood pH leans to a more acidic state and this directly affects our health, red blood cells don’t function as well, fatigue sets in, decreased immunity, digestive problems it’s a complete domino effect. The problem is, to maintain good health, does take a bit of work: correct supplements, improved eating habits, stress management, that’s why live blood analysis is so educational as people can see directly how their blood is being affected and better still is the follow up when they see how their blood has improved and the fact that they are feeling better, makes it a reality and a very worthwhile service."


What is it? Live Blood Analysis is a relatively unknown but very powerful diagnostic tool in detecting
  • Nutrient deficiencies(vitamins, minerals, essential oils),
  • Parasites in the blood,
  • Cholesterol,
  • Yeast or Candida
  • Sugar imbalances,
  • Toxins,
  • Uric acid,
  • The overall pH of the blood
  • Digestive problems,
  • Liver/gallbladder imbalances and kidney stress


Immune system health-allergies, the overall state of the immune system, and the overall health of the body is assessed


Is there anything you have to do? Nothing what so ever, just arrive as you currently are, don’t stop or start anything prior to your test. Allison says it’s advisable to have a follow up after between 2-4 months depending on your problems. That way you can see the physical changes in you that have been made via your new life choices to a healthier body.



I feel this process is medical, factual and a reliable source of information, no hocus pocus involved here.I would definitely recommend this to everyone, as it’s a real physical way to see what’s going on in your body and what nutrients you need to have, I will definitely be going back in a month to see if I have balanced out and made the changes needing to be made. From a skin point of view, this process makes it easier to pin point some of the culprits and triggers to certain skin conditions, therefore making them easier to treat.



To Your Health, Kenilworth Centre:  (021) 671 2469


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