Hair Loss - How to manage it

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I know I am not alone in this! Hair loss though unpleasant in men is expected, but being a women and having your hair fall out is often debilitating. I started having the charming problem of my hair falling out right at the time I had stopped the pill and underwent a huge amount of stress. So what is the cause you wonder? There are many factors affecting hair loss from diet, sun and pollution to hair products, hormones and stress. Can we ever really get to the one real cause, I don’t think so, but here are a few options to try and fight back.

Androgenetic Alopecia

Put into simple terms, 95% of all hair loss is caused by this condition which is directly linked to hormones. It can affect both men and women. There is an enzyme 5 alpha reductase which is responsible for the conversion of testosterone to DHT (dihydrotestosterone. DHT if overproduced can cause reduced growth in the hair follicle and eventually dormancy. Tests to screen testosterone may pick up normal levels yet with too much 5 alpha reductase you get too much conversion of testosterone and therefore balding.

As a woman you could go onto the pill, the oestrogen will help to balance out the testosterone, though there are other health implications that hover around the contraceptive pill.

There are many medications out there to limit this reaction but what I am interested in sharing with you is the natural options, what we need to do is get natural 5 alpha reductase inhibitors and here they are.

5 Alpha Reductase Inhibitors



Green tea

Saw palmetto

Phytosterol complex – phytosterols are making their way into the cosmetic market, I am having more and more contact with products containing these and mostly through Argan oil (Argania Spinosa Nut Oil) and I think it’s worth a little more research.

Once you have managed to reduce the problem that is thinning your hair the next logical step is to try and restimulate them to grow

Possible Hair Follicle stimulators

Maca root:

Two interesting ingredients I have come across for hair loss are maca extract and biomimetic peptides. Maca root has been formulated by Naturex that has been found to stimulate keratinocyte mitosis in the hair bulb and protecting the bulb.

Biomimetic peptides:

Capixyl claims to allow action on the 5 alpha reductase which modulates DHT as well as stimulating hair follicles and strengthening them, I don’t know of any products yet that contain this. This ingredient claims to be more successful that Minoxidal which is currently most used to treat alopecia.

There is a hair product available called Renokin, which also uses biomimetic peptides CG-Nokkin, CG-Keramin2 and CG-WINT,is available from Lamelle Research Laboratories a South African company.

Other ingredients

You can try is using a copper peptide serum on your hair, I have started using Dermafix ActivCellCeuticlals Copper Peptide serum as it is water based and doesn’t make my hair oily. Copper peptides are renowned for healing and repairing, they will help to remove inflammation to allow for new growth.

Chinese Angelica has be known to promote healthy hair growth and properties, like reducing grey hair and hair loss, stimulating circulation to scalp and hair follicles as well as anti inflammatory.


These vitamin and minerals contribute to healthy hair follicles:

Vitamin B complex

Vitamin A


There is so much information regarding hair loss and possible solutions, I would probably end up writing pages and pages, above is what I have found to be the most important, no doubt there are things I have not mentioned here, I will however keep updating this post when I find new and relevant information that I feel would really benefit you. I hope this has given you some clarity. If anyone has any advice on natural and really good ways to help prevent or solve this problem please feel free to comment!


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