Preservatives - Helpful or Harmful?

Preservatives - Helpful or Harmful? image

I find myself in a position at the moment that has me arguing for both sides, let me explain. As a Somatologist with a deep understanding of skin and what it needs, am continually looking for natural and gentle ways to improve and treat people as a whole. I have found myself on the same trend as most of the world where natural with “as many things possible free” in a product the better it is for you. However I now stand on the other side of the line, studying cosmetic sciences opens your eyes to complications, technicalities and legislation.


Preservatives have come under major scrutiny and consumers demand “preservative free” or “less harmful products”. I am going to let you in on a few things I have discovered and number one is that you want to have preservatives in your cosmetic product. The different kinds of harmful moulds and bacteria that can make you sick that could possible grow in your favorite cream, is far more harmful than to your health than the possibility that it may cause your skin irritation. Secondly the amounts that go into the products are minimal, also keep in mind that companies are going to want to use the least possible amount as they want to keep their cost down.


This industry is competitive and companies make new and safer less irritating preservatives all the time, rest assured cosmetic chemists want to make their products the best they can be.


Though there are I am sure, preservatives out there still that are cheaper in price and probably more irritating to the skin than most, I believe that most companies with consumer awareness being what it is will want to err on the side of suitable and acceptable ingredients.


In the end I find myself changed, having to manufacture cosmetics that are safe for human use I now see the benefit and use of the once evil and sinister preservatives, they are not all that bad.


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