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I first came across Sleek makeUP through reviews I had read over various websites and tutorials. The colours were vibrant and looked creamy, those writing on it would describe the shadow as intense colours, soft and easily blendable. I was keen to get my hands on some and try it out for myself, though as far as I could tell it was only available overseas. Then the most amazing thing happened, I received a Foschini booklet in the post with their Beauty Extravaganza, and there were Sleek makeUP palettes advertised for sale. It’s taken me a while but I can finally share my findings with you.




First impressions of Sleek, the packaging is professional looking and the palette cases are sturdy. The clip for opening and closing looks of a decent quality so it won’t break after it is opened and closed a few times. It does come with a sponge tip applicator that they say is best for application, though I feel you could get a more professional finish using brushes the colours would come out more intense with the sponge.


The eye shadows are quite small, but I rather liked that idea as it’s targeted towards the retail consumer as opposed to the professional market, this also means they can get more colours in a palette which gives you more options to play with.





As for the formula, it is rather uncomplicated. It is a mineral based product, there is Kaolin(a clay), Magnesium(Chemical element) and Talc (a Mineral). The Paraffinum liquid and Dimethicone is what imparts is creamy texture and allows it to be applied smoothly and blend so easily. A concern is always when an eye shadow is too soft it doesn’t have the staying power as it is absorbed into the skin and fades considerably.

The palettes available here are mostly shiny or shimmer with one or two mattes, except for the Au Natural palette that I didn’t get which has four mattes. I see there are fully matte pallets available overseas but not yet here in Cape Town. These only go for R100.00 which I though was great value for 12 shadows.

Reviews of palettes with photos and looks soon to follow.

For more information visit: www.sleekmakeup.com


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