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Sleek Sunset Palette - Photos, Review and Looks

The Sleek makeUP Sunset palette is as it’s name explains, an array of colours reminiscent of a beautiful sunset, I had a lot of fun with palette. I was completely drawn in by the bright colours, I found it relatively easy to work with, however with most of the reds and oranges I found a lot of fall out as the shadows are quite soft. They were easy to blend, and had decent lasting power, though I found the lighter colours faded faster. This palette was a bit on the shiny side for my taste, I would have liked to see more matte colours as there is only one in this palette.




As far as I can understand, only the new Sleek palettes come with names for the eye shadows. So sorry no name colours, but that doesn’t really matter considering they come already packaged in the palette.



I have been using the camera on my phone and it does not do the colour justice, I tried to fix this but still haven’t quite got a true reflection. Below is a more subdue look which is also possible with this pallete.



I used the NYX eyeshadow base in skin tone (ESB03) which I must just tell you is a favourite discovery of mine at the moment. I am not sure what the staying power of this eyeshadow would be without the primer underneath, but wearing no eyeshadow primer is as strange to me as spraying perfume and not using anti- perspirant or brushing your teeth with no toothpaste… it’s just not done. I found it’s staying power much better than I anticipated, however I give it a 6/10 as it does tend to fade and crease after about 5 hours.


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