5 Ways to keep your skin hydrated

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The reasons and benefits for keeping your skin hydrated would seem apparent, but besides wanting to look good with moisturised plump skin the truth is that a dehydrated skin can lead to some severe skin conditions that can become difficult to correct. Here are 5 easy ways to achieve a hydrated skin.

Drink water 

The self explanatory step of skin hydration would be drink enough water, while this seems an obvious statement the question is how much is enough. Some studies show that even 8 glasses is not necessary, and this all depends on person to person.  We get water through our food as well as other beverages consumed, not only through water we drink. Another way to check your dehydration level ( if you really want to get into it) would be to keep an eye on your urine; you want a pale yellow colour. Keep in mind that some supplements can also affect this. Bottom line, drink when your thirsty.


There are some essential supplements you will need to keep your skin in a healthy state; a healthy skin is a hydrated skin! Vitamin A is the healthy skin vitamin; it builds and maintains a healthy working epidermis which is where the free water is stored in your skin. Omega oils especially Omega 3 which people seem to be deficient in. Omegas are one of the oils used to create the barrier of your skin which locks in the water.

Use good products

Avoid cleansers containing big amounts of SLS(Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) or any derivatives thereof, as well as anything containing Cocomide DEA that means no body wash or soap on your faces people!! You will know if the ingredient is in high amounts as it will be at the beginning of the ingredients list. Check your moisturisers for any alcohol including plant and denatured alcohol; this will dry your skin out. Beware of face creams high in essentials oils, these can be drying and irritating too.

You can also enlist the use of topical hydration, my recommendations are the Lamelle Correctives HA Serum and Esse Organic Skin Care Serum.

Limit dehydrating beverages

Alcohol, coffee and tea: this is not to be taken lightly, if you are serious about keeping your skin hydrated consuming alcohol, along with coffee and tea in between 3 – 5 cups will dehydrate you. So limit yourself to one a day.

Limit UV Radiation 

Don’t over expose yourself to UV radiation it will dry and dehydrate the skin, just like when leave that round juicy apricot in the sun and it becomes shriveled and dry, it’s the same for your skin so be sure to wear sunscreen at all times and avoid long UV exposure.


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