How to grow younger and feel better!

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I am in the process of reading The Metabolic Plan written by Stephen Cherniske. In his books he simply explains the body and brains way of thinking and how you can stay young and increase longevity! His way of explaining is truly entertaining. Stephen Cherniske illustrates the comparison of a house or car to our body, we often have the wrong perception that we wear like an inanimate object over time, but this perception is incorrect our bodies regenerate.

I thought I would break it up into a few parts, here is the first:

Muscle mass and Longevity 

Longevity is linked to anabolic activities in the body. The two metabolisms in the body are anabolic which is the building and repair activity, catabolic the opposite being break down and degeneration. To maintain longevity we need to maintain anabolic activity in our bodies.

Muscle mass is one of the ways to maintain longevity. A study showed that elderly people who maintained muscle mass also had healthy joints and bones as well as vitality

“When you increase your anabolic metabolism, you experience greater energy, you burn fat, and you gain muscle. The muscle creates more energy and makes exercise easy and enjoyable. Anabolic metabolism puts you on a upward spiral in which each step builds on the previous step, leading to profound changes in body composition, mental clarity, vitality, mood and one’s sense of power and strength”

— Stephen Cherniske

Your brain controls everything that happens in the body and constantly receives updates from all the different centres. If your brain receives messages from your muscles that they have good mass and are getting regular activity, the brain decides you are fit and able to survive and keeps sending out anabolic responses.

“High muscle mass sends longevity signals to the brain. The brain sends anabolic instructions back to the body that maintain muscle mass.”

— Stephen Cherniske

He goes on to explain that if your brain receives poor signals back from the body in terms of muscle mass, endocrine and other centres, your brain will initiate a shut down sequence. Once this happens catabolic activity takes over and degeneration begins.

So Step one to growing younger and feeling better is to exercise in order to maintain muscle mass, which will intern stimulate anabolic responses from your brain and keep you regenerating :)


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