7 Food myths you think are healthy for you but aren't

7 Food myths you think are healthy for you but aren

You are trying to make better health choices for weight control and well being, but are the foods you choose really that healthy for you?

Low fat peanut butter

If you’re going for peanut butter select the full fat version as it is better than reduced fat. Low fat peanut butter has less taste meaning companies add additional sugar to the product to improve on the flavor.

Peanuts have also been known to cause sinus congestion in people. Another option is to replace your daily dose of peanut butter with cashew nut butter or almond butter, you can find this in your local health shops.

Diet cool drink

Diet cool drink contain artificial sugars, these artificial sugars have a negative effect on weight loss as well as affecting the way your body processes sugar. Best to just stick with water and herbal teas or possibly try some mint and lemon in your water to add some flavor.

Dried fruit

Dried fruit contains 3 times the amount of calories that normal fruit does, and some are preserved with sulphur dioxide.

Skim /Fat free and low fat milk products

It has been thought for a long time that drinking fat free milk is better than the full cream version, but the processing that the fat free milk goes through can be more harmful that the supposed bad fats the full cream milk contains, experts are now pointing out that full cream milk is better for us to consume. Other low fat products like yoghurts contain more carbohydrates than full cream versions and could be more responsible for weight gain.

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Skim milk is healthier than whole milk, right? Maybe not

Vitamin and Flavored water

The obvious choice for those who find water unpalatable. These water options are less than ideal, even though their name ends in water they have extra calories and sugar best avoided. Your best choice is to stick with water and herbal tea’s. Try some mint and lemon in your water to add some flavor.


Granola is oats that have been baked in oil with added sugar this already ruins any healthy benefit the oats may have had to offer, rather try some raw oats and seeds that have been soaked before eating.

Cereal / Oat Health Snack Bars

On the go food is always a huge convenience for a busy lifestyle, unfortunately many of these seeded cereal "health" bars are packed with sugar and syrup. If you do grab one on the run be sure to check the label. A great option is Nakd bars, they are raw and only contain the good stuff. You can find these at Dischem.


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