Milia - What are they and How to get rid of them.

Milia - What are they and How to get rid of them. image

This is an extremely common condition seen in my field. People with this epidermal skin condition often find it annoying and unsightly, the good news is that they are completely reversible.

What are milia?

You can recognise milia by their distinctive round, yellowish white appearance. They feel like hard bumps when you run your fingers over them. Millium is the singular name, however they generally do not appear individually. Milia occur in the upper layers of the skin(epidermis) The white substance that you will find inside a milia is keratin protein. Your dead skin cells (keratinocytes) are made up of this keratin. In a normal healthy skin they usually shed (desquamate) off consistently. The problem comes when they do not exfoliate naturally off your skin and compact together forming a little cyst which becomes a milia. They are mainly found around the eye, cheek and nose area.

Why does this happen?

Generally speaking the people I see with milia suffer with impaired barrier or a dryer skin. When there is a lack of the surface protective oil barrier, the free water in between the cells evaporates leaving the upper layers of the skin dehydrated. This becomes a problem because water is what your skin needs in order to exfoliate at an optimum level, a lack of this water results in the dead skin cells clumping together to form milia.

This is not to say that that oily skin with a sufficient oil barrier cannot experience milia, especially around the eye, it is just less common.

In some cases heavy comedogenic creams can attribute to milia as well as prolonged application of steroid creams.

How to get rid of them?

If left to its own devices the upper layers of skin will naturally come away and the milia should disappear. If you want a more pro active solution, I would advise you visit a trusted somatologist or aesthetician to remove your millia with a blood lancet. This is a quick and easy procedure and you leave the treatment clear and free of the irritating bumps.

How to keep them away

My suggestion to those who have a dryer skin or feel they are suffering with an impaired skin barrier is to assess your skin care program and make sure it includes hydration and barrier properties, I recommend :Lamelle HA Serum and Serra Restore Cream



Adding a gentle exfoliation with help to remove the build up of dead skin cells and prevent further compacting of keratinocytes. My recommedation: Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant or Dermafix Dermapolish are good options.



Do not use drying or harsh exfoliators, cleansers or drying creams on this condition as it is bound increase dehydration in the epidermis and make the problem worse.

It is always advisable to consult with a trained skin professional if you are not entirely confident what the problem is and what is causing it.

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